I will put an end to divisions in the SNP

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I accepted the candidacy for the SNP president. I’m running for the same reasons I have joined the party more than 19 years ago, because I believe in the SNP, said Snezana Jonica, a Socialist People’s Party (SNP) official.

“I am also candidating because I am confident that the struggle for truth and justice that has gathered us at that time does not give us the right to give up, but is obliging to close ranks, correct mistakes and even more powerful than ever show how much we worth, how persistent and how different we are, “Jonica said.

She added that the SNP is a brave enough and strong party with social democratic orientation to demonstrate in this process how much it is a step ahead of others.

Jonica said in an interview for newspaper Dan that she was grateful to the SNP membership for the tremendous support she had received during the nominations for the party presidential candidate.

Speaking of how to deal with disunity and diverse policies within the SNP, Jonica said that it was exactly “one of the main reasons for candidacy.”

“To put an end to the divisions within the party and to address problems in Montenegro. Those to whom strong, complex and unique SNP does not suite should not even be part of it. No individual will be above the party. First, we will ensure strict rule of law in the SNP that will be equal for all, in order to legitimately fight for the rule of law in Montenegro, “she said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro