“I will run for president”

#UnitedNations #PresidentOfMontenegro


The scientist Dragan Hajdukovic announced that he would run for president of Montenegro.

As stated in the statement, when the Montenegrin flag was waving in front of the United Nations building in 2006, the first part of his dream was realized.

“The second part of my dream was that the truly independent state of Montenegro became a planetary example of a wise and humane, organized and economically rich human society that lives in harmony with nature. Although this my vision of 1991 is known as the” Ecological state, “it is far more than that: the ecological state is only a part of the vision that can make Montenegro to be the best state in Europe by the quality of life of its citizens,” Hajdukovic said.

He also says that with this small number of inhabitants on a very beautiful and valuable territory, Montenegro can and should be the best European country.

His wish is to stop devastation of the Montenegrin economy and the territory and the narcissus of the human values system.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro