Ideas on the organization of the UN accepted with care



Our candidate for UN Secretary-General Igor Luksic does not want to speculate whether it will get into the next round, and considers that last week, during the presentation of the program, had a solid performance. In an interview with VOA he says that his performance left a certain trace, and that his ideas about the organization of the UN with have been accepted with the care.

“I believe, from what I hear, that I left a certain trace, and the ideas that are certainly new, and refer to the section on the organization of the UN were accepted with care. We will see how things will continue,” Luksic said. It could be often heard that on woman should preside United Nations. Luksic believes that such an initiative is a welcome, since he stands for the empowerment of women and their position in the UN.

It is expected that the next Secretary-General should be a representative of the Eastern European Group. “It’s not set in stone but there is a strong argument fro that,” Luksic said.

Asked if he expects to enter the shortlisted candidates, he says that at this time it should not burden us.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro