If Americans vote Trump, what will be Montenegrin issue?

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Should Republican candidate Donald Trump win next presidential elections in US, Montenegro can expect problems in the ratification of Accession Protocol to NATO, said Jelena Milić, director of Center for European Studies CEAS from Belgrade. COmmenting on the significance of next US presidential election for Montenegro, Milić said that, if Clinton wins, we can expect US to continue to be dedicated to NATO. On the other hand, she does not believe that Trump would be as dedicated to functioning of the Alliance.

“For the US, the world in general, and Western Balkans, it is of great importance that Hillary Clinton, former state secretary and Democratic candidate, wins the next elections. Montenegro can expect issues in the process of ratification for NATO if Trump were to win, despite current US President Barack Obama sending it to Senate. We can all expect issues”, she said to CdM.

She said that Clinton’s foreign policies will not differ much from Obama’s.

“This is good news for the region and Montenegro. Balkans were not an issue during presidential campaign, and US, should Clinton win, will let EU to decide and keep Western Balkan on course. Also, if Clinton wins, we can expect US to be dedicated to NATO. We need this dedication here on the edges of EU”, Milić said.

She said that Hillary Clinton appears to be balanced in foreign policies, ready to compromise.

When it comes to Donald Trump, she believes that his misunderstanding of NATO roles is worrisome.

“Trump could easily make deals with autocratic dictators, having US give up on democratic principles, in order to keep fake stability. Trump’s populism would feed EU populism, and we have seen in the 90’s what can this mean for Balkans”, Milić said.

She said that Trump does not have plans for either interior or foreign policy.

“If he wins, the only thing we can do is trust the strength of US institutions, mechanisms and controls and balance of American media, public and civic society”, Milić said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro