If he plays it smart, Lukšić could have an influential position

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Slovakian candidate for the Chief of United Nations Miroslav Lajčak has the biggest chances in the race for this prestigious international function, while Igor Lukšić should use his candidacy for acquiring another position in UN’s system, said Dušan Janjić, analyst from Belgrade.

He spoke to Pobjeda saying that it is important for Lukšić to ,,do as much as he can to promote himself and Montenegro”.

“New Secretary General of UN will most likely be Lajčak or Bulgarian candidate Irina Bokova. In this race, as in life, everything is a matter of an agreement and a trade-off. If it is estimated that Lajčak has the biggest chances to win, than it is smart to support him, and in turn, you could get another influential position in the UN. In this race, other positions, such as an assistant, are not out of the question. I think it is good for Lukšić to run in full force, but he should consider who he will support at the final stage of elections”, Janjić said.

Within his promotional campaign, Igor Lukšić traveled to all five permanent member countries of Security Council, which are USA, Russia, China, Great Britain and France.

His campaign coordinator Milorad Šćepanović said for Pobjeda that Lukšić had a great presentation in UN’s General Assembly.

“Our candidate’s campaign is predominantly tied to the main seat of UN in New York, and European seats Vienna and Geneva, where he takes part in meetings and debates under the patronage of UN. Recently we had more activities, bilateral meetings with members of Security Council, he also had lectures at People’s University in Peking, Diplomatic Academy of MInistry of Foreign Affairs in Russia, John Hopkins University in Washington”, Šćepanović said.

He said that this week, during his visit to London, Lukšić will speak at London School of Economy and take part in informal dialogue with candidates for Secretary General in UNAUK Organization.

“By taking part in events in London, he will complete second phase of the campaign. We are pleased with the pace of the campaign, visits and activities. We have accomplished our goals, and more importantly, by taking part in this process, Montenegro has demonstrated its full legitimacy, and we can calmly await for the results”, Šćepanović concluded.

He added that in the following period they will have a few more visits to New York and other important international centers.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro