If he proves only part of the theory, the Nobel is certain


BBC premiered a film last night in which among others they presented the Montenegrin scientist Dragana Hajdukovic. Portal of the British public broadcaster says that, if only part of Hajdukovic’s theory is proven, the Nobel Prize is almost certain.

If, however, the entire theory is correct, currently unimaginable things will happen in the world of physics. Professor said for RTCG Portal that the victory of science is unstoppable.

In the movie “Project Greenglow: Searching for the control of gravity”, some of the most prominent physicists and astrophysicists in the world presented their theories, including John Ellis, a big name of CERN whose work belongs to the so-called supersymmetric theories. Then, there is Jeffrey Hangst, who leads the project ALPHA in CERN, which in 2018 – 2019 should measure the gravitational acceleration of anti-hydrogen. The film also presented the work of the distinguished astrophysicist Tamara Davis of the University of Queensland and several other scientists who think about the possible applications of the quantum vacuum, and (anti) gravity.

Hajdukovic told us that they all explain the existing theories but don’t offer new ones. According to the BBC, professor Hajdukovic’s theory of gravitational bipolarity tumbles the “horizon of expectations” and offers, in a scientific sense, more radical solutions.

“So far, we believe that gravity’s only a force of attraction. It may be that gravity can also be a force of repulsion but not between matter and matter but between matter and anti-matter”, said Hajdukovic the BBC.

The professor believes that in today’s world media attention is very important and announced that in the second half of the year it will be “much higher”. He reminds that “Discovery Channel” and “National Geographic” were also interested in his work.

CERN will test his theory and the results will most likely be known in 2019. The aforementioned Professor Hangst will operate astronomical measurements, and Hajdukovic tells us that this is a man who believes in good results.

If Hajdukovic can show that anti-matter particles fall “upwards”, he not only opens the way to some form of demonstrable anti-gravity on earth, he almost certainly wins a Nobel prize into the bargain. If it turns out he was right, the use of its data and evidence for practical purposes could produce things unimaginable to us now”, said BBC when presenting the scientist from Cetinje.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro