If the Council is not independent, then it should resign

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General director of RTCG Rade Vojvodic will present a strategy for development on Friday at the Council meeting as one, and not as three media like it was so far, and at the same time he will make consultations with members of the Council about choosing an acting director of Television.

Rade Vojvodic expects that the Council of the Public media service operates as an independent body or otherwise its members should resign. Speaking about the strategy Vojvodic said to Dnevne newspaper that as an acting director of the director of television, after Radojka Rutovic had resigned, they will appoint someone “from the house”, someone from the Public media service.

Vojvodic already had meetings yesterday with almost all redactions where the work of every journalist and editor had been analyzed, in order to decide about the future personnel solutions.

This reorganization will also bring financial savings, because we won’t have to follow same events with three teams from Public media service anymore.

He expects significant results and is counting on the existing personnel of Radio-television of Montenegro.

“If out of 130 employees who work in News department we cannot find a dozen that will carry the main load of this work, then we don’t deserve to be working. This is one media house and that is the basis of my strategy”, said Vojvodic.

He emphasized that this is the only right way at this point, because it is necessary to find the best people from the house that will do their jobs professionally and with high quality.

He claims that this is necessary and the only thing possible in this political moment in Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro