“I’ll be back as soon as I finish some obligations”

The decision of the Administrative Court in which the Archpriest Velibor Dzomic is allowed temporary stay in Montenegro is binding on the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which must act according to him. This is the attitude of the lawyers who daily ‘’Dnevne novine’’ has contacted.

Ministry of the Interior has recently ruled that Dzomic must leave Montenegro after ANB estimated that he poses a threat to national security.

However, following an appeal against the decision of the MUP, the Administrative Court issued a decision in which Dzomic can temporarily stay in Montenegro, pending before that court. However, police prevented him from entering at the border crossing Vracenovici fifteen days ago, on the basis of a verbal order, which in the opinion of experts of law is illegal.

Dzomic points out that he will return to Montenegro as soon as he finishes the earlier commitments. He recalled that the Administrative Court was not clear enough about his stay in Montenegro, so there is nothing to interfere for his return.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro