I’ll check Mujovic’s accusations

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Prosecution will examine accusations of businessman from Podgorica Veselin Mujovic against the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) official Svetozar Marovic, individual politicians,and CEOs of banks and funds, that he wrote in a letter sent to daily ‘’Dan.“

“Bearing in mind the contents of the letter which was sent to the editorial staff of daily “Dan”, the competent State Prosecutor’s Office has formed the subject of the investigative procedure and will examine the accusations allegations, taking action in accordance with the law,” it was told to daily “Pobjeda” from the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office.

Namely, Mijovic is suspected of taking 890,000 euros from Marovic by freud, allegedly to provide him a better treatment in the investigation. He is also charged that he took 20,000 euros from Ljubo Radjenovic, the father of former President of the Municipality of Budva Lazar Radjenovic and that he tried to take 100,000 euros from former advisor to the Government Aleksandar Ticic.

All these accusations, as Mujovic stated in the letter, are false.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro