“I’m keeping mandate”

A former official of SNP Velizar Kaluderovic said that, after having resigned from the function in that party, he would keep the seat.

“I thought about it and I would announce my decision. First, I’m not going to return seat for three reasons. The first is that, according to the Constitution and the electoral legislation o mandate belongs to the MP, the MP’s mandates are allocated in the order on the list, indicating that it provides a direct connection between the electoral will of the citizens, who supported the electoral list and deputies. Another reason is that I am absolutely convinced that I will with every procedure, voting in particular, be on the line of what the demands of the citizens are, who supported the electoral list from which I was elected, ” Kaludjerovic said for Radio Antena M.

“Because of Milic,I am leaving SNP with a heavy heart ,” Kaludjerovic explained.

At last night’s meeting of the Podgorica SNP, Neven Gosovic resigned from all positions, also.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro