Immunity of Mandic, Radunovic and Knezevic to be lifted

Supreme State Prosecution submitted to the Parliament of Montenegro a request to lift immunity, and approval for criminal prosecution of deputies of the Democratic Front Andrija Mandic, Slaven Radunovic and Milan Knezevic.

Prosecution asks immunity of Radunovic and Mandic to be lifted on suspicion of calling for violent change of the constitutional order, while in the case of Knezevic , lifting of immunity is asked on suspicion of attacking a public official during the removal of stage and tents outside parliament.

Mandic was deprived of freedom in a bar Kristal, Radunovic in front of the SecurityCenter, while he was asking for the information about Mandic with other MPs. The lifting of immunity to MPs is first to be discussed by the Administrative Committee, which would be followed by the proposal to parliament.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro