Improve cooperation with the Seychelles in the field of education and student mobility

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The relation between Montenegro and the Seychelles has always been good and the best area for improving cooperation is the education field, it was said during the meeting between education minister Predrag Boskovic and the honorary consul of the Seychelles Aleksandra Gardasevic–Slavuljica.

The Ministry of Education stated that the officials discussed the possibility of cooperation in the field of higher education, with an emphasis on student mobility programmes.

On this occasion, Boskovic said that students from the Seychelles were welcome to our higher education institutions and that the ministry would provide full support to the candidates interested in coming to Montenegro.

Boskovic also presented directions of the reforms carried out by the University of Montenegro and aimed at making the national university more attractive for foreign students.

Gardasevic–Slavuljica stated that she would use her influence to help establishing better cooperation between Montenegro and the Seychelles in terms of education. She also said she was convinced that there would be a lot of students interested in student exchange programmes in both of the countries.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro