In addition to Milic, Lekic will perhaps form coalition with Zukorlic?

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Demos is lately thinking about the possibility of creating a broad coalition for the upcoming general elections. In addition to the Socialist People’s Party (SNP), the coalition would include some national parties, Dnevne Novine newspaper carried. According to information obtained by the newspaper, two meetings have recently been held between representatives of Demos and Bosniak Democratic Union (BDZ), led by Hazbija Kalac in Montenegro.

Both parties have unofficially confirmed that those were informal meetings held in Novi Pazar and Rozaje, through BDZ president in Serbia Muamer Zukorlic.

Although, those were informal meetings, DN’s sources said concrete proposals on possible new coalition were discussed there. Thus, representatives of BDZ have already required two seats in the Parliament of Montenegro if the party joins the coalition led by the Demos. Demos’ representatives have not announced their position on this proposal. The representatives of Miodrag Lekic’s party were interested if BDZ would mind Serbian parties’ entering in the possible future coalition. According to DN, it clearly shows that Demos wants to make a good balance in the possible broad coalition when the national parties are concerned.

A meeting in the restaurant Ana Oxa in Novi Pazar was particularly interesting. Representatives of BDZ pointed out that the party had supported protests organised by Democratic Front (DF) and that it would also support possible broad coalition led by Demos regardless its constituents, as long as it is ready to topple the regime of Milo Djukanovic.

This is not the first time Miodrag Lekic’s party contacted with Zukorlic’s party. A few years ago, the leader of the Movement for Changes (PzP) Nebojsa Medojevic did that on behalf of his party, which was a constituent of DF, then headed by Lekic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro