In front of NATO door in record time

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that Montenegro found itself in front of the NATO door in a record time. At the Prime Minister’s hour in parliament he also announced a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in mid-April in Brussels.

“This status is a recognition and an opportunity not to be missed”, he said in parliament, stating that the decision on the invitation will be good for Montenegro, but also for the region and the Alliance.

Increasing support for NATO membership

Confident that a lot of work has been done after the summit in Whales, the Prime Minister said that the government seriously and responsibly treats the process of integration, which would represent a lasting security and safety of citizens.

Djukanovic pointed out that four to six per cent growth of support for the membership was recorded, stating that it was the result of the campaign of the parties that advocate NATO membership. He said it would be good for representatives of all parties to intensify activities in the field of NATO integration.

“It would be constructive that parties with a different stance on NATO also engage in a dialogue”, said Djukanovic, noting that affiliation to collective defense is the best answer to all threats.

He reminded that for seven years, since the Bucharest summit, there was no call to any country for the membership.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s answer to his question, DPS deputy Mevludin Nuhodzic said that about 30 percent of citizens is undecided regarding NATO, which is a message that the benefits of membership in the alliance should be demonstrated through campaign and dialogue.

“This space is an obligation for the intensification of all subjects who advocate NATO membership”, said Nuhodzic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro