In Institution for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions



Working conditions and rooms used by the security and treatment officers at the Institute for the Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions (ZIKS) are not satisfactory, which is why the employees convey an impression of frustration, apathy and pessimism, the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms said.

Ombudsman formed a team, conducted research and prepared a report, based on multiple complaints from the security and treatment sector officials regarding working conditions, stating they were neglected and unequally treated compared to other related law enforcement agencies.

Ombudsman found that the basic conditions “for the occupancy of workplace of security personnel” were missing.

As explained, the work space interior is not regulated appropriately and adapted to the specific needs of the various types of work in ZIKS, they do not motivate employees, do not contribute to efficiency and productivity.

“Besides, appropriate working conditions, office furniture should also be comfortable, standardized, rational, aesthetically adapted to jobs that are performed in the workspace. Given the difficulty and responsibility of the job, authorities should seriously deal with these problems, “ warned the Ombudsman.

From the Ombudsman’s Office reminded that trained and motivated prison staff which sees its work more as a vocation, and not just as a job, and which is able to establish the appropriate attitude in relations with prisoners represent the foundation of a humane prison system.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro