In May, Montenegro will becomer 29th NATO member

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I believe that the process of ratifying the protocol for Montenegrin membership in NATO will be completed before the May summit in Brussels and that Montenegro will be 29th member of the Alliance, said Montenegrin Foreign Minister Srdjan Darmanovic in Zagreb, during the meeting with the Croatian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Davor Ivo Stier.

“I would like to thank Croatia for its doings, in this period of our patient struggle to achieve membership both in NATO and in the European Union, because those are the cornerstones upon which foreign policy of Montenegro is based. Croatia was among first to ratify the agreement on Montenegro’s accession to NATO. With Spain, which is in final stage of the process, only the United States and Netherlands have not done it yet. We believe that everything will be completed by the time of the NATO summit in Brussels and that we will attend it as 29th member of NATO, “said Darmanovic, during a joint press conference with Stier.

He recalled that Croatia helps Montenegro on its path towards the EU, “from the very beginning and even today.”

Darmanovic said that he and his Croatian counterpart discussed many bilateral issues, assessing that there was a lot of room for cooperation between the two countries.

“Excellent cooperation in the field of defense, and protection of minorities. We tackled open issues, things are moving upward, and we are ready to jointly solve every unsolved issue, without hasty steps,” said Darmanovic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro