In Montenegro, 30,000 alcoholics

It is estimated that there are around 30,000 alcohol abuse, said Deputy Minister of Health Mensud Grbovic. He adds that, given the fact that due to alcoholism of a person suffers at least four people in its close environment, it would mean that alcohol directly affects the lives of about 120,000 people in Montenegro.

Grbovic today in Podgorica opened, the TAIEX workshop on management of “screening programs for early detection of Harmful Use of Alcohol.

“On the scale of alcohol abuse in Montenegro can not speak confidently because missing empirical data on the prevalence and patterns of alcohol use in the general population, the amount and type of alcohol consumed, the perception of consumers, health and other consequences of alcohol use,” said Grbovic .

“Results of the ESPAD survey among high school students in 2001 and 2008, say – that is to 16, 74 percent or 77 percent of the youth consumed alcohol at least once in their lifetime. The only data that in Montenegro there are about alcohol consumption among adults originate from the Survey of Living Standards Measurement conducted in 2008, the population of those aged over 20 years, ” Grbovic said.

He said that according to the survey results, one of the four adult residents drank alcohol occasionally or every day in 2008. Of that number, more than one-tenth drank every day.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro