In order to gain the power the loyalty to the state is needed

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Prime Minister and President of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Milo Djukanovic, said it was very important for the new parliament to consist of majority that supports European and Euro-Atlantic path of Montenegro, building society of the rule of law and its democratic development.

He said that the problem of majority of the opposition was that it did not understand that at the present time not even in the Balkans the old policy matrices could be practiced.

„Some parts of the opposition today fight for the “ingenious invention” formulated in their slogans: “Either we or him(they)”. Copying, loser trying to replicate some of the scenarios that have produced the change of government in the near or far environment “, he said for the Pobjeda.

But, he added, they have only one problem. “To explain what did they exactly, both the Democratic Front and the Democrats, in that period in other formations, defended,for example, in Belgrade – Him !? And they were against democratic Serbia and democratic Montenegro who wanted and got changes “.

“Now these same leaders of the opposition in Montenegro falsely claiming to be democrats and carriers of progress. Although then, as now, they were against Europe and against NATO. And what is the most difficult – against Montenegro, “Djukanovic said.

According to him, they believe that this is a crucial moment for them, because they think the coincidence of interests with one of the great powers, which opposes NATO enlargement, would get them help.

“These are all illusions. In order to win power in any country, one must prove fundamental loyalty to it. Willingness to think and work for its sake, ” Djukanovic said, adding that most of the leaders of the opposition did not show none of it, but the desire to change the government at any cost, or to seize the power.

Djukanovic, explaining DPS’ offer to the citizens of Montenegro, announced a package of concrete measures for the socially most vulnerable people.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro