In seven days swine flue killed three people

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Although the season of respiratory infections is almost gone, swine flue is still not giving up. Namely, virus AH1N1 is still present in Montenegro, and during this week it killed three more people.

Flue virus type AH1N1, or as it is generally known a swine flue, took three more lives in Montenegro last week, while from the beginning of this year a total of eight people died from it, it was announced from the Institute for public health. As they said from the institute, the three people are patients with chronical diseases with 55. 57 and 60 years of age who were treated in Clinical center of Montenegro.

However, according to the Institute, compared to last week there’s a decrease of number of registered cases of flue-like diseases.

With the goal of prevention of the spreading of the disease to healthy people, as they said, it’s necessary to follow general prevention measures.

“A sick person shouldn’t go to work, and a child shouldn’t go to kindergarden or school, they should stay at home until the symptoms are gone. During the sneezing or coughing a person should cover the mouth and nose by a handkerchief. Hygiene of hands is very important and they should be washed with soap and hygienic water, especially after coughing and sneezing. In case of developing heavy symptoms, one should report to their elected doctor.

From the Institute was emphasized that the most effective measure for flue prevention is vaccination, and they recommended that all people with higher risk for complications should get a vaccine.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro