Inappropriate behavior of MPs: Pajović asked for a Committee session

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President of the Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajović asked for a session of Committee for human rights and liberties, during which reports against a few MPs of DF will be discussed due to their inappropriate behavior during the break of a session on July 4th.

Today, Pajović submitted report to the Committee against DF MPs Milan Knežević, Branko Radulović, Janko Vučinić and Veljko Vasiljević due to tarnishing the reputation of the Parliament and breaking the Ethical Code of representatives.

Pajović asked for a session based on the Article 63 from Regulation.

“Committee President is obliged to schedule a session if requested by the President. Based on this Article, if he does not do so, the President has a right to schedule the session himself”, it was said from the President’s cabinet.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro