Indictment filed against four doctors

Higher State Prosecutor’s Office (VDT) in Bijelo Polje filed an indictment against doctors Tomislav Jeremic, Zvonko Puletic, Haka Tahirovic and Jela Cimbaljevic because of the infection and death of a baby in Bijelo Polje General Hospital, VDT announced.

They are charged with committing a crime – serious offenses against human health in relation to a criminal offense – failure to act by health regulations for combating dangerous infectious diseases.

As announced by the VDT, this criminal offense carries a prison sentence of two to 12 years. VDT statement says that the defendant Jeremic has not acted in accordance with the regulations in the hospital and has not formed a team to monitor, prevent and fight against hospital infections.

VDT states that the defendants Jeremic, Puletic and Tahirovic broke the rules also for not taking appropriate hygienic measures at Gynecology and Obstetrics Department and the Department of Neonatology by not performing regular bacteriological control of the environment in the wards. In addition, the defendant doctors, as they say from the VDT, have not ordered taking swabs from working surfaces, appliances, equipment and medical supplies, as well as the sanitary control of employees at the wards.

As stated, accused Jela Cimbaljevic as a specialist doctor of pediatrics, has not acted in accordance with the regulations from 02 to 12 November 2014, because after receiving two babies and having a doubt, and later seting a diagnosis of dangerous infectious diseases, she did not report it.

“Because of not reporting the occurrence of neonatal sepsis, the work at the Department of Neonatology was continued, and later three newborns were admitted. All three got sick from dangerous infectious diseases. Due to the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis a newborn died in the Clinical Center of Montenegro, where the newborns were sent for further treatment”, VDT stated.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro