Infrastructure developement accesssion priority

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European Union (EU) support focused on various areas of infrastructure development suggests that this becomes a priority in various areas during the EU accession process, said European Affairs Minister Aleksander Andrija Pejovic.

The Steering Committee of the Western Balkans Investment Framework in Stockholm confirmed allocation of €16.4 million for the preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects.

Pejovic said that, EU alloceated two million Euros to Montenegro for the preparation of major projects and supervision of reconstruction of the Ratac landslide and signaling in the stations in the northern part of the Bar-Vrbnica railway.

„Additional 5,4 million Euros is allocated for for the design of the project and the assessment of the social and environmental impact of the two sections of the Bar-Boljare highway: Smokovac-Tolosi-Farmaci and Matesevo-Andrijevica.“, said Pejovic in an interview with MINA agency.

He added that to Montengro, besides those project, has also been allocated 9 million Euros for for financing of the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Podgorica.

„ It is a priority project in the field of environment, the implementation of which will be a long-term and sustainable solution to the problem of wastewater treatment in the Capital. The project is being implemented in cooperation with the German Development Bank, and the total investment amounts to 50 million Euros” explained Pejovic.

According to him, the fact that EU support is directed to various areas of infrastructure development indicates that are many the needs in Montenegro, but also that infrastructure development becomes a priority in various areas during the EU accession process.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro