Inspectors confiscated computers and documents, Delić in Interpol base

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Inspectors of Crime Police Sector blocked yesterday on of the MUP cabinets, the office of director of Directorate for joint business Vladan Delić. The search and confiscation of documents took hours.

The action was done on the warrant of Basic State Prosecution in Podgorica, on the order of investigation judge Miladin Pejović, due to the doubts that Delić abused his official position and falsified identification documents.

Danilović notified first, he had nothing against the action

Officials of Crime Police notified Minister Goran Danilović of the action beforehand, and invited him to be present for the search.

He had nothing against the action, but he did not attend the search. He gave this right to his advisor in the cabinet.

“The search lasted from 11h to 16h, and two computers and business documentation was confiscated for further investigation”, source close to the action stated.

This is the second investigation into the affairs of this advisor to Minister of Interior Affairs, pertaining to serious abuses. The precise information about the confiscated documents was unavailable last night to Dnevne Novine daily.

A few months ago, this newspaper reported the statement of Basic State Prosecutor in Nikišić, who said that there is an year long investigation against Delić due to the abuse of official position and ID falsification. Back then, the Prosecutor said that investigation was not completed due to the inability to provide certain evidence.

“Police gathered information and evidence on Prosecution’s warrant, and after completing evidence material, the decision will be reached”, Prosecutor Šekarić said then.

Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily learned that the new investigation was started because of the doubt that Delić continued the abuse after moving from Nikšić to Podgorica.

Police confiscated his car

Dnevne Novine daily reported that the investigation in Nikšić was started because of the doubts that he committed a series of crime acts while he was an inspector for robberies in Nikšić.

His colleagues gathered information and evidence that point to ID falsification when he registered his stolen car to his name.

“There is suspicion that he did this by using the documentation of a vehicle of the same class, that was confiscated in a fire in Herceg Novi. He adjusted the color and numbers of the stolen vehicle with the documentation on the one that was burnt”, source close to the investigation said.

Police confiscated the stolen car, and there was forensic investigation that pointed to a criminal act.

Reported work hours during vacation

Delić is also under suspicion that during his time in Nikšić, he created fictitious official documentations that he used to initiate charges against MUP.

These documents showed a large number of working hours, night work, overtime hours, and work during state holidays.

“It was deduced that Delić created these documents against MUP’s internal procedures, demonstrating his work when he was on vacation, in order to attain illegal financial gain, damaging MUP and the budget”.

Delić’s name in Interpol base

Dnevne Novine daily learned that Delić’s name is found in evidence of European countries and Interpol system, where he is marked as an individual with intentions to commit crimes of robbery.

“Rome Interpol issued an announcement in June last year that points to this fact. The announcement states that he was arrested in Italy and was imprisoned in Verona. He was released from Italian jail in 1990, and regional police treat him as a suspicious individual”, our source said.

Almost arrested for obstruction

Delić, who is in charge of MUP’s properties, was obstructing the investigation yesterday, refusing to let colleagues in his office to search it.

“He backed down when he was informed that he could be arrested for obstruction”, our source said.

According to our reliable information, officials of Crime Police are looking into several more individuals in Minister Goran Danilović’s cabinet.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro