Instead of four, only one opposition representative to meet Vujanovic?

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It is quite possible that the four opposition alliances, which won 39 out of the 81 seats at parliamentary elections, will have only one representative at tomorrow’s consultations on the composition of a new government with President Filip Vujanovic.

Andrija Mandic (DF), Miodrag Lekic (the Key coalition), Aleksa Becic (the Democrats) and Ranko Krivokapic (SDP) will meet to make an agreement on common requirements and to decide who will present them to Vujanovic on behalf of all the opposition.

“There are interesting proposals on who could be the candidate”, a CDM’s source said.

The consultations will certainly be important because Vujanovic said he would announce tomorrow who will be tasked with forming the new government. That was the reason why Lekic protested today, since he claims that there is no official parliamentary majority.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro