Instead of response to Milic, DN reporting the details of the meeting that "never happened"

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After the president of Socialistic people’s party Srdjan Milic said that yesterday’s article by Dnevne newspaper regarding the meeting of that party is not correct, and that the only truth in it was that Darko Ivanovic will be their elections consultant, DN replied today that they’re surprised by this statement of the SNP’s chief. From Dnevne newspaper was said that Milic’s statements are worrisome, primarily because it seems impossible that the leader of a once powerful party would deny something that happened and that many witnesses can confirm.

The meeting was held on Wednesday the 17th of August, it was reported by DN, and it started at 6 pm in offices of the Podgorica board of SNP under Gorica.

“Besides president Srdjan Milic, the meeting was also attended by vice president Danijela Pavicevic, vice president Vladimir Samardzic, parliament member Snezana jonica, and at least ten more highly ranked officials from SNP. Of course, the meeting was laso attended by journalist Darko Ivanovic Skocko”, it was stated in today’s response to Milic by Dnevne newspaper.

DN further write that the meeting, for which Milic claims that never happened, and Ivanovic that he didn’t attend it, lasted for three full hours and was ended at 9 pm. Some party members stayed even longer for informal discussion.

“Most of the time at the meeting was occupied by Ivanovic who presented himself as a man who worked on campaigns for SDP and Pozitivna. He said that he’s preparing an aggresive campaign on electronic media and social networks. He also spoke about large number of graffiti that will show up all around Montenegro. Ivanovic even said that he won’t have any material gain from this campaign which confused some SNP members who were listening to him in the offices of SNP under Gorica”, it was reported by DN.

According to the article in this media during his presentation Ivanovic constantly oadded Milic on the shoulder and spoke abut his ideas for the campaign. On the other hand, Ivanovic claims that he wasn’t at the meeting where the coalitions were discussed.

“The question remains whether he was at the meeting or not?”, it was stated by DN.

Statement by SNP which was signed by Srdjan Milic then, as DN report, is completely false and deserves charges.

“Everyone easily decide to press charges against journalists claiming that they report lies, but what about politicians? We won’t sue SNP this time either, primarily because of the large number of their honorable members who would never say that something hasn’t happened if they knew it has”, it was said from DN.

“Of course, citizens, and most of all SNP members know who is telling the truth in this situation”, the article in Dnevne newspaper concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro