Institutions not ready for fair election

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Key state institutions are unable to ensure fair and free elections on October 16, executive director of the Network for Affirmation of NGO Sector (MANS), Vanja Ćalović, states.

She said that the key state institutions which should enable implementation of electoral laws were not doing their job less than a month before the elections.

“Not only that they do not do their job but, they are making huge efforts to obstruct us who are trying to do that job,” Calovic said at the conference.

As she said, the institutions responsible for the implementation of electoral laws are not doing that. Non-governmental sector is doing the job instead of them.

“At the moment, less than a month before the elections, we can hardly expect to have a better, fair and free elections, because state institutions that should implement the electoral laws are not making efforts in this direction. Instead, they are doing everything to hide irregularities in the voters’ list” said Calovic.

Calovic urged the citizens to report all kinds of irregularities, pressures and intimidations, and to check on time if polling place and some data has been changed.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro