Institutions to strengthen trust

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The obligation of institutions, especially those involved in the fight against corruption and crime, is to strengthen citizens’ confidence in their work and to inform them, it was announced at the conference ‘’Openness of prosecutors’ offices – between a secrecy of the proceedings and the public’s right to know’’. Conference was organized by the Centre for Democratic Transition (CDT) and the Supreme State Prosecutor (VDT), in cooperation with the OSCE.

The Ambassador of the United States of America (USA) in Montenegro, Margaret Ann Uyehara said that the institutions have an obligation to the citizens to inform them.

She added that communication builds trust between citizens and institutions and said that the US is partner to Montenegro in reforms in the rule of law and in the integration processes.

Chief State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic said that VDT made important steps to improve cooperation with the media, reffering to the recently adopted Communication Strategy which shows a serious attitude towards the media and public relations.

According to Stankovic, the space between the secrecy of proceedings and the public’s right to know is where communication between the prosecution and the media takes place.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro