Insults and calls for physical confrontation



The session of the Administrative Committee, which is discussing the Abolishing the immunity of the leader of the Movement for Changes, Nebojsa Medojevic, has been almost stopped after the DF deputies obstructed the attempt of the President of the Committee, Luidj Skrelja to read the request of the special prosecutor Milivoj Katnic to revoke Medojevic’s immunity.

MPs of DF who attended the session asked for Katnic’s presence insisting that he should read the request for removal of Medojevic’s immunity. At that point a verbal conflict broke between the DF and DPS MPs.

Namely, DF deputy Milan Knezevic invited a colleague from DPS, Milorad Vuletic, to have a fight in front of the hall, calling him “the mouse”.

On the other hand, his party counterpart Milutin Djukanovic silenced Marta Scepanovic from DPS, calling her “lunatic”.

One of DF’s leaders, Andrija Mandic, said they did not come to the session of the Administrative Committee to break the boycott of parliament, but in the aim of self-defense. He urged his colleagues not to register the discussion on Medojevic’s immunity as the agenda item.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro