Intense session of SNP Steering Committee, lemonade for the end

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After a long and intense session of SNP Steering Committee that lasted from 17h to midnight, no problems were solved. Issued press release does not say anything about concrete decisions on party’s unity, or critics of leader Srđan Milić.

Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily learned that it was a very intense discussion, and that Snežana Jonica spoke against SNP officials Dragoslav Šćekić and Aleksandar Damjanović.

They spoke back. A lot of critics were given to Milić. Attempt to destabilize the party before the elections was firmly criticised.

Still, the conclusions passed in the end are akin to political lemonade.

SNP press release states that Montenegro must be built as economically strong, politically stable, socially responsible and secure and safe community of all its citizens.

“In order for this change to happen, SNP needs to achieve the best possible result in October’s election”, the statement reads.

The Committee said that all SNP officials need to be dedicated to this goal, and that all activities that could harm this process will be seen through the Statute of the party.

“The Committee pointed to better ways of campaigning”, the statement read. Between the lines, the Committee warned some members to refrain from giving disturbing statements to the media.

Still, Dnevne Novine daily learned that this was not a peacemaking session and that we can expect conflicting information from this party in the upcoming days. It is clearly a matter of fighting to be on electoral list of SNP, and the press release states only what everyone agrees on.

This has happened, clearly, because Milić’s critics realized that he has the majority in the Committee.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro