Interior Ministry does not know whether Cossacks and bikers represent a threat to our country

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The Balkan Cossack Army is not in the Register of NGOs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs told Pobjeda newspaper.

“NGO Night Wolves has been registered by the decision of the Ministry of Interior made on 5 September 2014. The organisation’s goals and activities are essentially the promotion of motorcycle culture, organising motor racing and motorcycle expeditions, socialising with other similar associations, particularly those having the same name, organising motorcycle racing, forums and meetings with themes of motorcycle culture”, the Interior Ministry responded to the question whether the presence of these organisations in our country affects the safety and security of citizens and the state.

Asked whether there were security assessments of the Russian organisation and if so what the result was, the ministry replied that other state bodies perform such assessments.

“When it comes to the association and the activities of citizens in our territory, this right is guaranteed by the Constitution of Montenegro, which guarantees the freedom of association on political, trade union and other grounds. Associating citizens may also be formal and informal. If any group of persons associated for any reason, committed any offense or a misdemeanour, police officers would undertake activities within their jurisdiction in order to process the incident”, the ministry told Pobjeda.

The so-called Balkan Cossack Army has recently been formed in Kotor with the support of Night Wolves, the Russian biker organisations close to Vladimir Putin, and the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro. This caused a stormy reaction in part of the public, but not in the relevant institutions.

Cossack general Viktor Vladimirovich Zaplatin has been unanimously elected supreme ataman of the so-called Balkan Cossack Army. Zaplatin has worked for 16 years in Serbia as the representative of the Russian Federation.

Cossack Colonel (ataman for Montenegro) Slobodan Pejovic had been elected Zaplatin’s deputy.

“If we sleep, we will not achieve peace. The war is happening. It does not have to be waged. A lot of us died in past wars. Russia has lost a lot, but no one could assume that a war between brothers Russians and Ukrainians would happen in the territory of the former USSR. Serbs will never be our enemies”, Zaplatin said, among other things, in Kotor.

Night Wolves biker club was founded in Russia in 1989. Then it formed its branches in Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia. Night Wolves’ branch in Montenegro was set up in 2014.

According to information that has not been officially confirmed, they fought on the side of pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine and publicly supported the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

Night Wolves have been banned from entering in the United States, Poland, Germany and Canada.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro