Interior Ministry’s internal control by request of Starovlah-Knežević

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The President of the Council of the Agency for Personal Data Protection, Muhamed Đokaj, said in a statement for CdM news portal that the Council decided today that it would send its investigators to the Ministry of Interior because the Interior Minister, Goran Danilovic, started disciplinary proceedings against the Head of Ministry’s Information Technology department, Mrs. Nataša Starovlah Knežević. While the minister claims she ignored his and the demands of the Coordinating Body appointed to monitor the electoral process, she insists she merely refused to work against the law.

As Mr. Đokaj said for CdM, internal control is the best way to determine who is right, although one of the members of the Council, Radenko Lacmanović, was against this initiative.

Đokaj earlier said they got involved in this case following a request by Mrs. Starovlah-Knežević, who asked them whether her refusal to submit the requested data to the Coordination Body for processing she violated the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

Minister Danilovic has issued a decision on the initiation of disciplinary proceedings against Starovlah-Knežević because she did not favorably respond to his nine orders, most of which related to the submission and processing of personal data for the purposes of the Coordination Body.

Starovlah Knežević earlier said for CdM that she informed Mini8ster Danilović that she refuses to do anything contrary to the law. She then said she will easily prove the correctness of their decisions, and that she will, regardless of pressures, continue to work as the law mandates.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro