International media on the elections: The winner pro-Western DPS is leading the country towards NATO

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Leading international media have reported on the elections in Montenegro. British Reuters agency announced that the pro-Western DPS, led by Djukanovic won the most of votes. BBC reported that the prime minister who pledged to push for closer ties to NATO and the EU won. The British public broadcaster explained that Djukanovic had presented the vote as a choice between the West or becoming a “Russian colony”, Pobjeda newspaper reported.

The New York Times reported that Montenegro’s pro-West ruling party had won the most votes and that these elections would determine the future of Montenegro, whether to continue its progress towards the EU and NATO, or to restore alliance with Russia.

Croatian Radio and Television announced that Djukanovic’s DPS was winner of the elections, citing data released by CEMI. It also carried that opposition leaders sent populist messages from their rallies and promised a crackdown on the current government and Djukanovic if they won. They also promised to return factories to workers, to raise salaries and pensions using the money seized from tycoons, to exempt citizens from paying utility bills, to introduce their own path towards the EU and to organise a referendum on NATO membership. Serbian public broadcaster RTS published the elections results. Citing CEMI’s information, RTS covered elections developments live as they unfold, including voter turnout and percentage of votes won per party.

Appearing on Al Jazeera Balkans News, Petar Turcinovic, former Croatian ambassador to Montenegro and Dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy “Libertas”, commented on the elections in Montenegro and said that the importance of the elections in Montenegro was not limited to the territory of the country. According to him, the elections have a great geopolitical importance and that they represent a competition between Russia and NATO.

All mainstream media reported that Sunday’s elections were marked by the incident in which 20 Serbian citizens were arrested on suspicion of terrorism.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro