International observers: Citizens voted freely, election day went smoothly

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Parliamentary elections in Montenegro were held in good spirit of cooperation, the International Election Observation Mission of the OSCE and the Council of Europe assessed.

“The people voted in a free and dignified manner. Election day proceeded in a calm and orderly manner, without intimidation and with few isolated incidents observed. The elections have shown the aspiration of the people of Montenegro to be fully engaged in building the stable democratic future of their country”, the election observation mission stated.

They also observed the media for six weeks. The monitoring has shown that media approach was pluralistic, but they lacked editorial analyses.

“We saw that the diverse media environment remained politically polarised and lacked editorial independence and in-depth reporting. Lack of editorial independence limits the analytical information available to voters”, Montenegrin journalists were told.

The mission also monitored the representation of women. It noted that no candidate list was led by woman.

“However, 32 per cent of candidates were women. It remains to be seen how many women will actually get seats in the Parliament”, the mission said. The mission only noted yesterday’s arrests and temporary suspension of the internet services Viber and WhatsApp. As explained, they cannot interfere in those issues.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro