Investigation on ship attack: Passenger stabbed a worker from Bar

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A ship worker from Bar Vuko Madžgalj, is in hospital in Bar since Friday, where he’s recovering after he was stabbed with knife by a passenger from Kosovo on the ship MV “Bridge” of the Greek company “Adria Fairs”.

“In the night between secnd and third August, during his return from Ancona to Durres, my brother and three other crew members were attacked by a citizen of Kosovo, who was a passenger on the ship. Everyone had injuries by knife and by brother’s life was endangered. Upon arrival to Durres, everyone was given medical care for which they had waited 15 hours, which is how long the trip lasted after they were injured. After the medical assistance, others were released and my brother was transfered to military hospital in Tirana”, said his sister Bojana, as it was reported by Pobjeda.

She said that she doesn’t know who or why attacked her brother and almost killed him, but she hopes the investigation will uncover it. “After the drama that we’ve been through in last couple of days, now the most important thing for us is that he’s alive, we’ll think about other things when he’s feeling better”, emphasized Bojana Madzgalj.

According to her the family learned about Vuko’s injuries only on 4th of August, which cause a shock for them, but they quickly realized that they have to hold it together and find a way to help him.

The young man came to his Bar on Friday. All examinations have been done in the hospital right away.

„My borother has been medically taken care of. For now he cannot get out of the bed, and we’re worried by the fact that he cannot feel his right leg. However, doctors are giving us hope and say that with intensive physical therapy everything will be alright”, said Bojana with a hopeful smile on her face.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro