IPA CBC Programme: Call for proposals opened until 10 June

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Call for proposals under the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme among Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, worth over €25m, will be opened until 10 June.

This is the first call for proposals within the programme IPA CBC Croatia–Bosnia and Herzegovina–Montenegro 2014-2020, the budget of which amounts to €67.2m, it was stated during the programme info day.

A representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Ana Vukadinovic said that the programme opened up new opportunities for partnership in the areas of improving the quality of social welfare and health care services, environmental protection, risk prevention and the promotion of sustainable energy and energy efficiency.

Vukadinovic added that the programme also opened up opportunities for cooperation in the field of tourism and preservation of cultural and natural heritage, strengthening the competitiveness and development of the business environment in the programme area.

“The first call for proposals is open until 10 June at 3pm and the total value of it is €25.016.000, out of which €21.26m is co-financing by the European Union”, she said.

Vukadinovic said that grants that can be obtained in the framework of the programme amounted from €400,000 to €2m.

She reminded that in the previous period IPA 2007-2013, Montenegro participated in two bilateral programmes – with the Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vukadinovic pointed out that, in the context of those programmes, in 51 ongoing projects, the value of which is €14.7m, cooperation was achieved in various fields – culture, environmental protection, improvement of ecosystem protection and cooperation in the economic area.

“It is a good base for these results to be an inspiration and motivation for further development of cross-border cooperation through this trilateral project”, said Vukadinovic.

She pointed out that the ministry had opened a branch in Herceg Novi and hired a project manager, who is a member of a joint secretariat and will provide support to potential applicants and future project users.

Vukadinovic announced that opening branches in Banja Luka and Mostar was also expected.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro