Irresponsible opposition policy

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Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said the opposition policy to boycott parliament was irresponsible because it does not accept elections that were approved by all relevant international subjects.

He said that he regretted that the Montenegrin national delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly was not in full composition, because “there is a lack of representatives of the opposition, who, in addition to this and the European, are boycotting the national parliament”.

“The election result from October 2016, which legitimacy has been recognized by this Parliamentary Assembly in accordance with its competencies, the OEBS-ODIHR, the European Union and the entire international community, was not accepted only by the Montenegrin opposition, which today results in their boycott of the national parliament, in spite of many calls to return to parliament as the only place for a substantive political debate. Such behavior is irresponsible and proves that lessons from the past have not been learned,” Markovic said addressing members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Opposition polarizes society

Markovic stressed that boycott, at a turning point for Europe, “means creating a crisis of parliamentarism, endangering democracy, and weakening the role of parliamentary diplomacy”.

The Montenegrin prime minister has also assessed that such behavior of the opposition “further polarizes society, including the additional polarization and politicization of the media scene”.

Speaking of what the government was doing to end the boycott of the opposition, Markovic said the door to the agreement was still open, but not in principle “first elections and later return to parliament”, which advocates the opposition. He repeated that he would not accept the language of blackmail.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro