Is 2 EUR a day enough for food? CdM bought this for that amount

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One loaf of bread, liverwurst and one liter of yogurt. Instant soup for luxury. This is what CdM managed to buy after MONSTAT published that every Montenegrin needs 2 EUR a day for food. Analyst Ana Nives Radović “justified” this estimate saying that they probably took into account new and modern lifestyles, such as sun gazing or vegan diet.

Consumer basket for one month for a member family would amount to 253 EUR or 2,08 EUR a day for each family member.

CdM managed to buy a loaf of bread (for about 50 cents), liverwurst (20 cents), liter of yogurt (discounted 89 cents) and instant soup (30 cents). We had 19 cents left.

What did you manage to buy for 2 EUR?

Some of our readers believe that a four member family can have a nice day for 8 EUR. They showed us how.

“Today’s 8 EUR menu – stuffed bell peppers for lunch: half a kg of minced meat 2,5 EUR, 1 kg of peppers 1,20 EUR, one onion and cup of rice 0.30 cents (probably even less). Total of 4 EUR. Breakfast and dinner: 8 eggs – 1 EUR, half a kg of cheese 2 EUR. One or two loafs of bread for 1 EUR. Instead of peppers, you could make chicken, pasta, vegetables, soups. Of course, it would be better if there was more than 8 EUR, but it is possible… I don’t like to see young mothers are buying snack food, processed food, sodas. Unhealthy. Vegetables are cheap, for 2 EUR you could buy enough for a day. Fruits are more expensive, but also manageable. You can learn about everything. Of course, it would be better to have more. But..”, our reader wrote.

Ana Nives Radović still believes that three decent meals are impossible to pull of for 2 EUR.

“It could only be possible if they took into account sun gazing, which means getting fed by looking at the sun. I only hope this estimate is ironic because anyone who tries to buy anything in the supermarket will realize how much 2 EUR really are”, Radović said.

Even if the meals are made at home, that creates additional expenses, such as electricity?

How much money do you really need for food? We’ll let MONSTAT know.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro