Island and Slovenia ratified the Protocol

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Parliaments of Iceland and Slovenia today ratified the Accession Protocol for Montenegro to NATO.

Iceland is the first country to ratify the NATO Accession Protocol for Montenegro. National Coordinator Vesko Garcevic said he expected it would be ratified by the countries from nearby and other regions.

From the Communication Team of the Council for membership in NATO has been said that the Parliament of Iceland ratified the Protocol today, exactly ten years after Island was also the first to officially recognize Montenegro on June 8, 2006.

“Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established shortly thereafter, and Iceland and Montenegro have from the very beginning built strong bonds of friendship, through bilateral visits and multilateral forums, most important of which is the cooperation of small European states.

The ratification of the Accession Protocol is another confirmation of a solid friendship of Iceland and Montenegro.

“Our country will be ready to respond such a sincere friendship, deepening and strengthening good relations based on common values and genuine solidarity of small, but significant and historic European countries,” the statement concludes.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro