It is better to be in the Parliament than on the street

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The Parliament sessions with the agenda of draft on law on providing conditions for fair and democratic elections, providing a model for monitoring and controlling the use of state resources during the parliamentary elections this year, has been continued today.

The session began with a discussion of yesterday’s police presence in the Parliament. DPS MP, Nada Drobnjak, said that the individual citizens showed interest in the safety of MPs, and that, in that matter, it should be clearly stated that on Tuesday, the security in the Parliament was normal and that there was no additional police forces.

PzP MP Branko Radulovic said that he would ask for safety assessment.

“Were they stealing laptops from my office while I was away, or intercept telephone calls, why they were armed with bullets in the pipes,” Radulovic asked.

President of the Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic, told to MPs that they should not return to yesterday’s topic, but to focus on the discussion of the Agreement.

Predrag Sekulic (DPS) said that he was in no doubt that there would be obstructions by the opposition, even after the new victory of DPS in the elections. Sekulic said that he was glad that the whole process took place before the eyes of partners from the European Union (EU).

Sekulic also said that the agreement they reached was not the result of pressure on the DPS.

Responding to Sekulic, DF MP Koca Pavlovic called the new ministers of the future government ‘’ the midnight ministers”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro