It is important that liberals are in the ruling party: Europeans supported LP’s decision

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European liberals welcomed the decision of Liberal party LP to go out on elections in coalition with “Safely forward”.

“European liberals expect that Liberal party will be part of the new authorities after the win on elections in Montenegro”, said Timi Dol, vice president of ALDE union of European liberals and parliament member from Liberal party of Ireland.

He said that European liberals will strive to initiate the process of expansion of European union and that Montenegro is definitely the first next member that will be accepted right after it closes all chapters with European Union.

At the meeting of young liberal leaders in Dublin, which representative of Young liberals Luka Vucinic participated too, it was announced that it’s of special importance that policies tha are offered to citizens are based on young and educated people.

“It is important that young people participate in political life and influence the decisions that are important for them. Young Liberals will have special support in campaign because of this as well as in realization of program policies in upcoming period”, said Vucinic.

Vucinic spoke about the political situation in Montenegro, problems of environmental protection but also the influence of climate changes on Montenegrin reality.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro