It is not acceptable not to recognize elections

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Representative of the Croatian Democratic Union in the European Parliament Dubravka Suica said that it would be unacceptable for the European Union if the election results were not recognized, because Montenegro is very close to EU membership.

In an interview with the Dnevne Novine, Dubravka Suica points out that the European Commission confirmed the regularity of the Montenegrin elections.

“I do not want to speculate, but I believe it is now important for Montenegro to create new composition of the Parliament as soon as possible and to draw up a stable government that will continue to lead the country through the Euro-Atlantic integration. Also, I believe that citizens of Montenegro, its neighborhood, as well as Europe as a whole would benefit of it,” says Suica for DN.

She said that Montenegro should use next few months to deepen and accelerate economic and political reforms, primarily in the area of the rule of law.

“This is an area in which Brussels and the European Parliament want the government in Podgorica to show special engagement and, most importantly, tangible, measurable and concrete results. Therefore, disrespect of election results would be unacceptable for EU leaders, as well as Member States, because Montenegro is a country that is closest to EU membership of all the countries that have candidate status and are negotiating membership, ” says Dubravka Suica.

She underlines that the citizens of Montenegro elected deputies and councilors in the parliamentary and local elections in a peaceful and orderly manner, using the reformed legal framework. This was confirmed by the European Commission, while international observers accredited with the State Election Commission, monitored the elections.

Suica regards that the authorities should investigate and clarify any case of irregularities during elections.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro