It is obvious that Russians are organizers

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Prime Minister Dusko Markovic considers Russians Vladimir Popov and Eduard Shirokov alias Shishmakov organizers of attempted terrorist act on 16 October last year.

“It is evident that those two individuals were organizers. Yes, they have been identified as such.”, Markovic said.

He said that democratic pro-western government won the elections.

“They did not want to see us as a member of NATO, but they wanted some other, anti-NATO parties to win the elections. The threat was real and serious. It was a threat not only to Montenegro but also for our democracy and political system.”, Markovic said.

He said it in the interview for the Sky News on Saturday, while attending Munich Conference, before the media published passport photos of the suspected Russian thath made it obvious that he changed his name Shishmakov to Shirokov during August last year, two months before the parliamentary elections day in Montenegro.

Foreign services believe it to be the evidence of his involvement in attempted terrorist act

Shishmakov worked as the assistant military attache at the Russian Embassy in Poland until 2014 when Poland declared him persona non grata because he was identified as GRU, Sky News reports.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro