It passed! Child allowance for students whose parents are unemployed

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Montenegrin Parliament today voted to amend the Law on Social and Child Protection, at a session held in Cetinje. This means child benefit for students whose parents are unemployed.

A total of 44 representatives voted in favor of the amendments to the law, six were against, and there were 24 abstentions.

President of the Parliament, Darko Pajović, said the Ministry of Finance does not have a report on the assessment of the fiscal impact of the proposed amendments to the next year’s budget, while the Employment Agency did not say how many children this will involve.

Zoran Miljanic, the promoter of the law, said the number of children in question is not big, and that their allowance won’t burden the budget.

He urged all deputies to protect the most vulnerable category of Montenegrin society and demonstrate solidarity and humanity, bearing in mind that the initiative was signed by six thousand people from the north of the country.

“You will be helping unemployed parents send their children to school”, pleaded Miljanic.

Independent MP, Neven Gošović, explained that the right to this supplement would go to children of parents who do not generate income on any grounds, and who are registered with the Employment Agency.

“We need to support this bill”, said Gošović, adding that it is shameful that a country is unable to tell how many children need this allowance and stressing that that’s not a reason to deny these children the right to this help.

“SDP will support the bill in order to position the mother, the child and the family where they belong – in the center of society”, said party’s representative Izet Bralic, also adding that the amount foreseen cannot seriously jeopardize the budget.

MP of the Bosniak party, Reshid Sijarić, said the proposed changes to the law will be supported because “according to statistics, about 70 percent of these children live in the north of the country, where poverty is very present”.

MP of the Democratic Front (DF), Branka Bosnjak, believes the bill is incomplete and that the child allowance should be received by all children.

“All children should be the same and every serious country should be able to finance this”, she said, adding that DF will also support the legislative changes.

Representative of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Milutin Simović, said that the law does not include enough of those in need, and that it should be expanded so that more children obtain the right to this type of child allowance.

“DPS wants proper and fair social measures. This law is being scheduled for voting at an extraordinary sessions of the Assembly, taking place in the midst of an election campaign focused mostly on the misuse of state resources. But isn’t this also potential abuse of state resources? We do not want to be part of such legislative activities and we will therefore abstain on this bill”, said Simovic, adding that DPS will propose a “better law, which will be fair to more people”.

“This is the answer of DPS, compared to what is today’s attempt to adopt laws that are primarily of populist content”.

Independent MP, Dritan Abazovic, disagreed the proposed changes have anything to do with elections and winning votes. He accused the DPS of not really wanting to help children, because if they did, he said, the ruling structure would have found the resources for any type of children’s allowance a long time ago.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro