Italian energetics depends on Montenegro as well

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Our country was once again marked as strategically important in connecting Italy with energy system in Balkan.

Italian company Terna, that is working to connect Montenegro and Italy with underwater energy cable, will invest over a billion dollars in the project during the next four years. Special accent will be put on Montenegro, as it has a strategic importance in the project that will solve the deficit of electric energy in Italian region Abruzzo.

Executive director of Terna Matteo del Fante explained that this company believes that connecting with other countries is of importance, especially Montenegro and Tunisia.

“We will be connected with France, and then Balkan through Montenegro, as well as in south with Tunisia”, he said to the Italian media.

According to him, Terna will keep its promise and invest in Italy’s energy system over a billion dollars in the next four years.

Project being done by Terna with Montenegro’s electro-energetic system has a goal to decrease the deficit of electrical energy in Abruzzo. According to the latest data, this region has a deficit of 33%, and the issue will be solved by connecting Italy and Montenegro with an underwater cable. Our country’s interests is revenue of 10 to 40 million EUR a year.

The agreement on underwater connection was signed between Montenegro and Italy on November 23rd 2010, by representatives of Montenegrin Government, electro-energetic system and Terna. The contract defines that for the 40 years after the cable is put in function, the revenue is split between Terna (80%) and Montenegro’s electro-energetic system (20%).

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro