Italian President confirmed strong support for Montenegro

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Italian President Sergio Mattarella confirmed strong support for the Western Balkans countries to join the EU, particularly to the most important countries – Montenegro, Serbia and Albania, the ANSA news agency reported.

At the end of the meeting in Sofia attended by ten EU heads of state, Mattarella said that the enlargement to include those countries was “necessary” because that would guarantee peace and stability in the region.

“We need to send a positive message that the EU’s enlargement path to the Western Balkans is always open, having in mind that the progressive enlargement of Europe should continue to all countries”, said the Italian president.

According to ANSA, the president thus confirmed that Italy strongly supports requirements of the Western Balkan countries to join the EU.

The ten leaders concluded that the EU door should not be closed, particularly after Brexit, to the most important countries of the Western Balkans, such as Montenegro, Serbia and Albania.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro