Italian senators: Aspirants for the EU and NATO to follow the example of Montenegro

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Montenegro is a good example in the region and its integration model should be followed by all aspirants for membership in the EU and NATO, the Italian senators Vanino Kiti, Franco Mirabelli, Francesco Molinari and Stefano Collina have assessed today during a meeting with Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic.

As Vujanovic’s cabinet stated, on this occasion the president expressed his appreciation to Italy for its support for Montenegro’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration, expecting that this relation will be continued and intensified.

He pointed out that it was particularly important for Montenegro that the Italian Parliament ratifies the protocol on Montenegro’s accession to NATO as soon as possible, which would further encourage other NATO members to do so.

He also underscored the quality of bilateral relations between the two countries at all levels, which has been significantly contributed by parliamentary cooperation as well.

The senators expressed satisfaction because they visited Montenegro in the year when the 10th anniversary of its independence is celebrated and then years since diplomatic relations between the two countries were established.

They announced that they would continue to promote parliamentary cooperation and the activities of friendship groups of the two countries’ parliaments.

They also pointed out that there were broad areas of cooperation between our countries, as the Mediterranean countries, which should be used.

The meeting was attended by the Ambassador of Italy to Montenegro Vincenzo Del Monaco and Montenegro’s ambassador to Italy Antun Sbutega.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro