Italians making a documentary on Montenegro

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A six-member working team, led by Dr. Lucia Alberti from the Italian Institute of Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage (ITABC-CNR), met with Pavle Goranović, Minister of Culture, in Cetinje, to announce that they are making a documentary about the historical and cultural connections between Montenegro and Italy.

The documentary will be shot in several locations in Podgorica, Cetinje and Bar, while special attention will be paid to Duklja (old Roman settlement Doclea) and its promotion.

In the film, which features an interview with Mr. Goranović, discusses the importance of cultural heritage for the identity of Montenegro, important achievements and results in terms of preserving cultural heritage, its revitalization and revaluation.

It also highlights the excellent bilateral cooperation between Italy and Montenegro in the field of culture and cultural development, stressing the long and strong ties that the two countries built throughout history.

“The common heritage, but also the need for an intense cultural exchange of contemporary artists, is formalized through new forms of cooperation within the European Union, in which Italy proved to be a very important partner”, said Goranović.

“It is this, and similar projects that valorize and present our common cultural heritage, contribute to the deepening of our relations, but also the transfer of knowledge and experience, which holds particular importance for Montenegro, considering that indexation and international presentation of the Italian cultural heritage represents a role model for our country”, concluded Goranović in his interview.

Screening of the film will be organized in Montenegro and Italy, while the part of the documentary that was filmed at the archaeological site Duklja, will be presented in Podgorica, during the Days of Science.

Planned activities of the Italian Institute are part of the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding that ITABC, Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and the Institute of History of Montenegro in Cetinje signed in April this year.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro