It’s realistic to expect a NATO invitation by the end of the year

Montenegro successfully met the demands that from the program for membership in the Alliance so it’s realistic to expect an invitation for the membership by the end of this year, it was a joint conclusion by the vice president of the government for political system, internal and foreign politics Dusko Markovic and former ambassador of Slovenia in Montenegro Vladimir Gasparic.

Gasparic pointed out a strong Slovenian support for Montenegro on its road to fulfillment of key priorities in foreign politics, memberships in NATO and EU that will be undoubtedly pursued with same intensity in the upcoming period, especially having in mind the results of Montenegro so far.

Markovic used this opportunity to thank the government of Slovenia, Slovenian people, as well as the ambassador himself on a reliable partnership, continuous support and shown trust that significantly contributed to Montenegrin efforts in finishing the stages within the realizaion of the foreign politics’ priorities.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro