Ivanovic: It’s easy to sit in a minister chair without responsibility

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Being in the government, the responsibility has to be accepted for realization of the decisions that the government has made, and that is not all that easy if you don’t have the knowledge, experience, and if you’re not focused on your work rather than some smaller political agendas, said the vice president of the government Petar Ivanovic, and emphasized that this is how problems are created that can become uncontrollable later.

Ivanovic said that in previous three and a half years, while he was the minister, the ministry of agriculture has faced many issues and problems similar to the one happening now with cows, such as aflatoxin, “blue tongue” disease and similar.

“Not once in those cases has the Ministry asked for Government’s help. Everything was solved with proactive approach that the Ministry had towards problems. If you have a minister that has left the government for whatever reasons, it doesn’t mean that the life should stop. Life goes on, and problems occur and need to be solved”, said Ivanovic.

Vice president of the government said in his comments of the government’s work after the opposition ministers have joined that he “doesn’t know any example in the world where the government doesn’t want to make decisions, that it doesn’t want to govern”.

„That’s impossible. And then I don’t understand why the opposition fought so hard to enter the government if they don’t want to make decisions. This is all wrong, the governent is there to realize its policies in order to protect vital interests of the society”, he added.

According to him if there is room for these ministers in the government, then they need to take reponssibility for their actions.

„I think tha the problem is taking responsibility for the decisions that need to be made, because it’s easy to sit in a minister chair, and not have any responsibility and not make decisions. Anyone can do that. If you choose a random citizen on the street and offer them to be in the government without any responsibilities they would accept. But what kind of government would that be, it doesn’t make any sense”, emphasized Ivanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro