Ivanovic met the Ambassador of Argentina: Excellent relations – a foundation for better economic cooperation

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Deputy prime minister Petar Ivanovic met the Ambassador of Argentina to Montenegro Ricardo Fernandez. The two officials assessed that the cooperation between Montenegro and Argentina was gradually improving and that there was potential for further expansion of cooperation in several areas, including agriculture, research, education and the arts.

Ivanovic pointed out the need for more intensive work on strengthening economic cooperation, given the traditionally good relations between the two countries.

He said that Montenegro might not be compared with Argentina in terms of size, population and many other indicators. However, Montenegro can offer Argentina-based companies opportunities to invest in the region through Montenegro.

Ivanovic thanked the ambassador for his contribution to presenting Montenegro’s potential and underscored the importance of Montenegrin diaspora in Argentina, which will surely represent an excellent foundation for future cooperation.

Ambassador Fernandez expressed his satisfaction with the very good relations between the two countries and accepted the proposal to intensify work on establishing cooperation in the field of agriculture, education, new technologies and implementing the results.

It was concluded that we should continue with bilateral activities and interconnection of institutions that would contribute to implementation of the agreements reached.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro